April 2018 Forecast

A mixture of oracle cards, tarot and astrology to bring you an April forecast to give you a heads up on what’s going to be happening on an energetic level.

Not a Cat Person

If you like nice shit, don’t get cats. I didn’t get to show you what they did to my plants.  Cats are so fucking extra and now I understand why my (ex) friend use to hate cats so much. 

How to Get Your Heart-Centered Business Started

I’ve been working from home — running my own business, since 2012. I can honestly say that I’m not completely pleased with the outcome of my businesses, but if I were to start up today, these are some tips that I would find extremely helpful as a newbie.

Travelers Notebook

I’ve been wanting to try out a TN and finally found on that I fucks with!!  It was in the bible journaling section of Michael’s, but still, super cute! 

Fucking Magickal!

I just went to the most magickal market place EVAR! I keep find little gems, here in Sin City. I ran into a Latin market, not sure if that’s even what you would call it, but I’m in love!


Every morning, Double D’s and I go for a morning walk at a huge park near our house. It’s great! She talks the whole time, and for once, I get to listen to all the thoughts in her mind as she verbally vomits all over me.

Container Park

After church, went exploring with the kids and checked out Container Park. Cute place Double D’s (my daughter Leila) boyfriend took her to.

Cracker Barrel

Double D’s is still feeling some type of way about me forcing her to move down to Vegas with us, it’s for the best.